Psychological consultation

There are times when we feel that we can’t move on by ourselves, neither family and friends can provide help. Maybe because they are part of the problem that we are facing. If an outsider, a professional joins the process this time, with her insight and the right methods she can help going back to the right way. Moreover, by working on self-knowledge even further.

I can help you if you are facing:

  • Problems in your family, relationship
  • Crisis (Quarter, Mid-life Crisis)
  • Parenting problems
  • Self-development questions
  • Career problems, stress

First time we meet, we discuss the problem. By the end of the session, we decide, if we can work together. If so, we decide on how often we will meet (usually once a week) and on the goal the client wants to reach when working together.

Counseling sessions last 50 minutes, and cost 9000 forint.

Special price: 7000 forint (for students and in Kaposvár).

Cancellation is free 24 hours before the session. The price for missed or within 24 hours cancelled sessions should be payed on the following session.


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